RTU, HP & AHU Wall Controller

High Performance Wall Controller


The BACwALL 437-RTU is a fully programmable digital wall controller. It is factory preprogrammed with a powerful low voltage RTU, HP and AHU controller application. It supports BACnet MS/TP standards. It has 4 AI/BI’s, 3 AO’s, 6 BO’s plus 1 jumper selectable universal AO/BO. Options includes: Humidity sensor, PIR & CO2 sensing. It is certified as a B-ASC (BACnet Application Specific Controller)


This BACWALL 437-RTU is designed to facilitate control and management of equipment typically used in the HVAC industry. It allows powerful yet flexible solutions that can be tailored and sized according to any project needs. I features a very flexible I/O set capable of meeting all terminal equipment control needs in the market


Impressive on board I/O count

Flexible factory RTU, HP and AHU application

Large display and large buttons

Fully reprogrammable for customized application

Local USB port for BACnet network access

True NDIR CO2 sensor option

PIR option available


Panel Mount Controller

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