Panel Mount Controller

Programmable and Expandable Digital Controller


The BACplus-IP is a fully programmable digital controller with a variety of combinations of input/output configurations using modular boards.

It supports communication protocols such as BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus/RTU.

It is BACnet BTL certified in appliance with B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) standards.


This controller is designed to facilitate management of equipment commonly used in the HVAC industry. Developed under the BACnet MS/TP standard, it facilitates smooth integration between our products and those of third parties. It allows to offer solutions tailored to the real needs of the project. Being compatible with the MEXP series, this MS/TP controller adapts to all situations.


High resolution colour touch screen allows you to see and lock all the control points of its subnetwork in real-time.

Allows you to have a modular layout of the inputs/outputs and is compatible with Strato Automation MEXP series expansion boards.

Quick assembly of the modular boards using a snap track system.

Greatly increases the capacity of the logical outline network and enables integration with third party products.

Greater flexibility in programming.

Removable terminals that are at a 45° angle to facilitate the connections.

Mini USB connection for easy access to the BACnet MS/TP network.





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Panel Mount Controller

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