BACplus - MSTP

Field Controller

BACnet MS/TP Programmable Controller


This compact controller is fully programmable by the user and operates according to the BACnet MS/TP Standard.
Complete with 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs and 8 binary outputs and can be expanded with MEXP modules.
Operates in stand-alone mode.


This controller is designed to easily manage equipments commonly used in the HVAC industry. It was developed under the BACnet MS/TP standard to facilitate the harmonious integration between our products and those of third parties. It offers solutions tailored to the actual needs of various projects. Also, being compatible with the MEXP series, this MS/TP controller can be adapted
to any situation.


Provides versatility of inputs and outputs by jumper selection

Removable and 45° inclined terminal blocks make fittings easy

Can be mounted on standard DIN rail or using a retractable clip system

Possible expansion of inputs/outputs with Strato Automation MEXP series

Three-position bypass switch for all outputs



BACplus - MSTP


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