BACzone 122

VAV Controller

Configurable or Fully Programmable VAV Controller


The BACzone 122 is an incredibly powerful variable air volume box controller. It is entirely programmable and offers 5 physical control points that are completely free for all uses (1 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 2 binary triac outputs).
For improved control, BACzone is equipped with an advanced technology velocity transmitter that scales two combined readings. The controller provides a very rapid response to changes at low flow levels, where most applications for this type of controller are used.
BACzone accepts Tzone digital temperature sensors, a STRATO Automation product compatible with the standard 485 network protocol (up to 4 Tzones per BACzone).


The controller fulfils all requirements for VAV (variable air volume) applications such as:
o Cooling VAV boxes, with or without heating
o Single and dual duct VAV boxes, with or without fans
o Multiple energy efficiency applications and concepts
(CO2 readout, motion detector, power limitation…)


Industry Accepted form Factor for Ease of Installation

Belimo Actuator

Local USB port for Controller and BACnet MS/TP network access

Removable Terminal Strip for Field Service



Central Equipment Controller

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