BACzone 424

Zone Controller

High Precision Reading Zone Controller Used For Both Strato Light Commercial & Strato Enterprise Solutions


BACzone is an incredibly powerful variable air volume box controller. It is entirely programmable and offers 10 physical control points that are completely free for all uses (4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 4 binary triac outputs).
For improved control, BACzone is equipped with an advanced technology velocity transmitter that scales two combined readings. The controller provides a very rapid response to changes at low flow levels, where most applications for this type of controller are used.
BACzone accepts Tzone digital temperature sensors, a STRATO Automation product compatible with the standard 485 network protocol (up to 4 Tzones per BACzone).


The controller fulfils all requirements for VAV (variable air volume) applications such as:
o Cooling VAV boxes, with or without heating
o Single and dual duct VAV boxes, with or without fans
o Multiple energy efficiency applications and concepts
(CO2 readout, motion detector, power limitation…)


Maintenance-free high-precision hot wire velocity transmitter

New dust segregation technology

Easy installation, rigid box with an intuitive and technical design on the surface

Manual override switches on every output (binary and analog)

Very flexible: Wholly programmable and available with a floating (on-off) or modulating actuator

Tilt switch for manual override of the actuator

LED indicators on every binary output and every manual override switch

Mini USB port to configure initial controller parameters

Program-activated buzzer available (80 db) (useful for identifying or locating the controller)

Removable connector clamps




BACzone 424


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