Strato Cloud Services

Strato Cloud Services

The foundation of Strato’s platform has always been a SQL database. It is hosting the systems programs & logic but is also logging everything.

No need to decide what physical or virtual points to log, its there. No need 
to decide for how long to keep the archives, you can keep it forever. Since the Strato’s database is also pushing commands to the physical controllers, all interactions are going through it and are also logged.

Using Strato’s Cloud Services enables various services, bringing real value to Landlords and Integrators when managing their buildings. This also enables Strato Automation to bring to its clients the most inovatives partners.

Real data, visibility 
and savings.

Patent Pending

Powered by BrainBox AI

Strato Energy Efficiency Services

Check your yearly power bill. How much is 25% of it? 
What would you do with this money in your pocket? Strato Automation™ is bringing Brainbox AI™ machine learning solution to its customer in a very simple and powerful way.

  • Reduces total energy costs by 25-35%
  • Improves occupant comfort by over 60%
  • Drives significant increase in real estate value due to lower Opex Costs
  • Significantly decreases building’s carbon footprint BrainBox AI’s predictive capabilities increases useful life and reduces maintenance costs of HVAC equipment


Strato Mobile & Web Access

The implementation of REST API in Strato’s Cloud allow our clients to view and operate their systems via a standard browser or a mobile App. Different Personas, depending on your role.

Strato Building Intelligence Services

Having the data on its secure Cloud platform, dashboards are easily built to display important indicators. Alerts, # of failures, graphics, etc. at your fingertips. Landlord dashboard, Integrator dashboard, Preventive maintenance…


Strato Backup Services

An unplanned event, a fire in the mechanical room, water, failure… Restoring a copy of your program becomes an event of minutes with Strato Automation™ backup services. Restore a copy of your configuration from the cloud and restore it on premise to get back to normal instantly.

Strato Light Commercial

Strato Light Commercial, for small and mid-size buildings

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