Strato Enterprise

  • One modular Hardware family
  • Fully programmable and intuitive software
  • Database driven - All the logs, all the time

Strato Enterprise offers a Building Automation solution in compliance with the BACnet protocol.

Engineered to be flexible and powerful while remaining simple and fast to deploy, Strato Enterprise can adapt to any project by using a unique concept of Expansion Modules.

Entirely Built on a Database, the Enterprise solution allows continuous collection of all data, for backup, alerting and energy efficiency analytics purposes.

Benefits for you

One modular Hardware family

Flexibility and modularity to save costs and time

Fully programmable and intuitive software

A complete suite of Enterprise software to attack the most complex projects

Database driven

A solid and IT friendly environment

Complete history available

Trouble shooting made easy, everything is logged!

Complete data archiving

Building data is an incredible asset, use it to save energy, to plan maintenance, to manage your assets properly

Strato Light Commercial

Strato Light Commercial, for small and mid-size buildings

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